Adding Laughter to Your Daily Routine

We have been taught that the best ways to reduces stress is to exercise, meditate, eat right or add things like Yoga to our daily routine. But, if we take along our problems into these practices, we are defeating the purpose. I have a good friend who watches what he eats, exercises religiously everyday and his blood pressure is still going through the roof. Why? Because he mixes his salads with worry and brings his fears and doubt with him on the tread mill. I am not suggesting you give up good eating and exercise habits. What I am suggesting is that you think about adding laughter as part of your daily health and wellness mix. Laughter has been clinically proven to quickly reduce cortisol while at the same time releasing endorphins, which are in the same chemical family as opiates heroin and morphine, natural painkillers. Laughter also will boost our immune system and help us to relax and think clearer. So if you want to relax, lower your blood pressure, and have a healthier immune system I suggest you add laughter to your daily routine.

“A giggle a day keeps the blues away” Unknown

Laughter Exercise:

Here is a little exercise you can implement daily before you begin your morning workout or if you find yourself in a stressful situation.

1) Sit up straight in your chair and start with a simple Ha Ha Ha, then add a He He He and finally a Ho HoHo Now mix them together Ha Ha Ha, He He He, Ho Ho Ho.

2) Take both of your hands and put them on your belly and shake your body up and down as you Ha Ha Ha, He He He, Ho Ho Ho.

3) Now stand up putting your hands on your belly, shaking up and down and rocking back and forth going Ha Ha Ha, He He He, Ho Ho Ho.
Right now you may be thinking this is silly but it is the silliness that will promote the laughter which reduces the cortisol, increase the endorphins, boost the immune system and add several years to your life

So don’t wait now is the time to HA HA HA, HE HE HE, HO HO HO.

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